Our Story


FiORi is a family owned award-winning, artisan coffee roaster, based in the picturesque Swan Valley. 30mins from Perth CBD. Established in 2006, which, in its short time of operations, has become a well-established name in Western Australia.

The passion begins with the Arabica bean right from the moment it’s planted and until it finds its way into a FiORi cup.

The FiORi team consists of former café owners and baristas who’ve been mastering the coffee art for 25 years. Our team works with cafes and business partners who share the mutual goal and passion to consistently create the perfect coffee.


It’s FiORi’s goal to produce an excellent coffee experience. In order to achieve this, we have a dedicated team of Q Graders, regularly travelling to origin to source the best available green coffee beans.

Our purchasing philosophy is based on the quality of the cup. As when it comes down to it, that is what your customers will judge it by. For FiORi to continually deliver award winning coffees, we need to work together with our contacts at origin to help them produce an outstanding green bean.

By pursuing ethically sourced and direct trade coffee, we are enabling the farmer to achieve a fair price for their product, while ensuring FiORi has the highest quality coffee available. Our ability to obtain the best coffee direct from farmers allows FiORi to maintain this quality.

Great coffee doesn’t just happen. You have to go to origin to source it. With our continued support of the farming communities, we are ensuring their ability to continually produce an amazing coffee.


Envision the end product and work backwards to cover every element: that’s how we think. Taste is such an integral part of our product and we’re passionate about it.

From the beans being sourced, to roasting, grinding and the perfect pour at optimal temperature, we’ve left nothing to chance. Because we’ve spent countless hours perfecting our product at HQ, we’re happy to share with you how we chase the perfect cup.

Our team of experts have spent countless hours working on a range of industry leading coffee machines and understand an inefficient setup is bad for business. Because for us it’s all about the end product, maintenance of your machinery and ensuring you never run out of product are areas we know can make all the difference. Being part of the FiORi family means we treat you like family.