Brew Methods

Believe it or not but there many various methods involved in creating a simple cup of coffee.

Depending on what you are after, the selection of the right equipment and best brew method  is crucial to making the perfect cup of coffee.


Aeropress is an easy, no fuss way to make coffee in the home. It combines the ideals of both Plunger and Espresso based coffee. Coffee produced with an Aeropress can present big body and good acidity. Because of the pressure built up during extraction.

The best thing of all is a 4 minute start to finish Coffee!

pour over

Whilst there are many different types of Pour Over (Chemex, V60, Mocha Master etc.) a Pour Over presents a clean coffee with clarity, which could be considered tea like. It highlights the fruity characteristics and balance of a coffee. 

espresso machine

Espresso is a old Italian classic. Under 9 bars of pressure the coffee extracted presents caramelised sugars and oils as crema. It provides a balanced coffee of acidity and body, which is awesome straight or great with milk.